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Review: Shape Sorting Clock 

Learning to tell the time is an important skill for all children. With many analogue clocks being replaced with digital ones, there is a danger that children aren’t being given enough opportunities in the ‘real world’ to help them acquire this skill.
I was therefore delighted to discover this fun toy that helps children learn to tell the time.

This is just the one I chose by ‘Toys of Wood Oxford’

but there are many other variants of this online.


  1. It’s bright coloured, chunky and full of detail- so children view this as a toy, not something boring to learn.
  2. It doesn’t just teach time telling. It helps with learning colours, numbers and shapes (as each number block is a different shape).
  3. It develops motor skills- as its doubles up as a shape sorting toy. Each number block fits in a corresponding shaped hole.

My wish:

My only improvement on this toy would be some way of making the number blocks stay in place when you lift up the clock. Perhaps make it magnetic? Countless times, I’ve seen children complete it, look so proud and then as they attempt to show someone what they’ve achieved….all the blocks fall out!

Buy it here from Amazon

(Affiliate link)

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