Educational Book Review

Review: Sensory Yoga for Kids by Britt Collins

Written by Britt Collins, a Pedriatric Occupational Therapist from Colarado State University, this book provides a detailed guide of how yoga can benefit children of all abilities.

As a mum and a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs ( I was intrigued by this book and the benefits yoga could offer both my child and those I tutor. And I was impressed!

Not only is this book fully backed up with scientific theory and interviews from professionals- it is specific to individual needs of children with and without Special Educational Needs. With yoga positions described for those with sensory challenges, ASD, ADD/ADHD, physical challenges, developmental delays and for parents and caregivers.

I also felt I learnt a lot from this book. For example that yoga for children who seek sensory input (those that are always on the go, giving hard hugs, talking in a loud voice etc) can help calm them down.

I also discovered that yoga has the potential to help children sleep better (something that any mum like me will be intrigued by!!)
I must admit, when I first picked up this book I immediately thought ‘what a lovely idea, but how do you even get the child to do it?!’ Thankfully this is all addressed in chapter 6: Yoga for Childrrn with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Where Collins provides useful tips to help if a child refuses to even come to the yoga mat.

These tips included making the room calm, low lighting, calming music, avoiding distractions and not forcing the child. She also admits that it can take a few weeks to get a child confident enough to have a go at he yoga poses.

Although I do work with children with Special Educational Needs as a SEN Tutor ( I unfortunately don’t have the experience or qualifications  to carry out yoga classes. However, this book did intrigue me and made me look for yoga classes in my local area that may benefit children I tutor.

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