Children's Book Review

Review: Temple Did it, and I Can Too! : Seven Simple Life Rules by Jennifer Gilpin Yacio 

I was fortunate enough this month to be able to review this inspirational and colourful children’s book written by Jennifer Gilpin Yacio and Introduced by Dr. Temple Grandin.

For those of you not submerged in the world of Autism and Special Educational Needs- Dr. Temple Grandin is somewhat of a celebrity. She is an inspiration to many as she has autism and has overcome associated obstacles throughout her childhood- such as being non-verbal as a little girl and being teased at school. She now works at Colarado State University as a Proffessor of Animal Science, she’s a consultant to the livestock industry and an Author.

She has shown that by working hard and being yourself, anything is possible. And this children’s book is about exactly that, how to achieve your potential.

Beautifully illustrated by Lynda Farrington Wilson, Temple’s 7 rules for everyday life are depicted in this book.

For example “Rule 1: Folow your passion, and learn it well. My passion was cattle, so I learned everything about them”

What’s great is each rule has an associated real life example from Temple. Which helps children understand the rule and how it helps them to achieve their goals.

Not only is this book a lovely book to read with a child, with its bright colours and wonderful drawings, but as a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) ( I’ve seen it first-hand helping children to feel more confident and empowered. To stand that bit taller after reading it- knowing they are capable of achieving their dreams. Something that unfortunately, isn’t felt enough by many children with SEN.

The book also has a handy workbook at the end, allowing children to get the most out of the book by thinking about each rule from their point of view. It enables excellent discussions between parent and child or teacher and child about their future, in a concise manner.

In summary, I loved this book, the way it looks and the real life background to it. But most of all I loved the look on my students’ faces after they had read it- that moment when they realise anything is possible.

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