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Review: Anne Zierty and Sleeping

As a tutor for children with Special Educational Needs ( and a mum of two, I was excited when I came across a new series of children’s books that aim to support children with Autism (  The books feature  ‘magical little creatures’ called Orticals who’s role is to […]

Classic Bedtime Stories 

A few weeks ago a friend was talking to my children about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and was met with a blank face from my kids. I realised that I’d been focusing so much on choosing new and exciting bed time stories for them, that id forgotten […]

6 ways to Encourage Turn-Taking

Taking turns can be a very difficult concept for children, especially toddlers. Usually for two reasons: Firstly: any toy that they are holding/playing with (or even any toy that they can see!) is genuinely viewed by them as their own toy. Therefore, they don’t think it’s fair to […]

Fine Motor Skills Activity: Building Blocks

A lot of children (and lets face it..adults) love building blocks.  Whether it be Lego, duplo, mega blocks or your traditional wooden building blocks- it’s a favourite toy for many.  Building blocks open a world of creativity that’s accessible to most children.  But what other benefits does this […]