Review: Glad to Be Dan by Jo Howarth and Jude Lennon

This weekend we’ve been reading Glad to be Dan written by Jo Howarth and Jude Lennon (illustrated by Trev Howarth)

A beautifully written children’s picture book that deals with real issues and worries in a constructive way.

What did we like about it? 

  • Fun, bright illustrations- really engage children.
  • Rhymes- As with many of Jude Lennons other books, it’s written in beautiful rhymes that captivate children.
  • Mum is ‘hero’- I loved that in this book, there’s no superhero to save the day but his mum (aka a real life superhero!) Who, like many parents, is always there with helpful suggestions and kind word, when he needs her.
  • Teaches Mindfulness- Jo Howarth (founder of The Happiness Club) includes some fantastic techniques to help children cope with anxiety. These exercises are also explained thoroughly for parents in the back of the book.

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