Peg Shark Craft!

Today’s activity is a really lovely craft which has the added bonus of being a great resource for developing fine motor skills and hand strength (these are really important skills for learning to write, find out more about fine motor skills here)

What do you need?

  • Card
  • Glue
  • Pens and colouring pencils
  • Scissors
  • Clothes peg

How to make it

1. Help your child to draw a shark on some card (making it just a bit bigger than the peg) and colour it in.

2. Cut it along the centre

3. Glue both halves to the peg (either side of the opening) to allow you to open and close the mouth using the peg mechanism.

4. Add extra details, googly eyes/white card teeth etc.

5. Use as a resource to pick things up with, strengthening their hands and developing fine motor skills. You could make a card fish to pick up- pretending that the shark is eating it.

Categories: Parenting

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