Dinosaur Magic Water Colouring Book Facebook/Instagram Giveaway

It’s DINOSAUR week next week on The SEN Resources Blog and we’ve teamed up with the wonderful Imagine That Publishers to Giveaway one of these amazing Dinosaur Magic Water Colouring Books to one lucky winner on Facebook or Instagram. Full terms and conditions apply, please read them here. Enter on facebook here and/Instagram here.

More about the Prize


If you’ve not come across Imagine That’s Magic Water Colouring Books before, let me just tell you how AMAZING they are. We’ve gone through our fair share of painting with water books and in my opinion these books are MILES better than any of the other ones out there. What makes them so brilliant is the quality (they last for ages and you can keep doing them over and over again after they dry) and how bright the colours look when you paint on them.


If i’ve yet to convince you… have a read of our full review of these books here .




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