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Review: Follow Your Rainbow: A Creative Journal

This week we’ve been trying out the most perfect children’s activity book for current times Follow Your Rainbow!: Follow Your Rainbow: A Creative Journal (Find Your Sparkle) This book aimed at children and teens is packed full of mindfulness activities, colouring, thought provoking quotes and advice. With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s even more important than ever for children (and grown ups) to have ways that they can relax, express their feelings and worries and look to the future; this book definitely provides opportunities for this! For every book bought Imagine That Publishers are donating £1 to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity’s COVID-19 Appeal! Buy it on Amazon here

What did we like about it?

  • Boredom Busting! There’s some lovely, varied and achievable activities in this book. Ideal for keeping children from getting bored. Everything from window watching to making a list of things that make you happy! No extra resources are needed and what’s wonderful is children can just dip into this book when they get the time and have a go at any activity that takes their fancy. They can also add to previous pages giving this book real longevity.

IMG_1648 2

  • Builds Self Esteem- We particularly loved how this book helps to build a child/teenagers self confidence. It provides fun ways to reflect on themselves, their friends and family and it ultimately helps to show them their own strengths and qualities. This activity, shown in the picture, was one of our favourites- where children are encouraged to think about the people that have made a positive impact on their lives.

IMG_3404 2


  • Mindfulness-  Mindfulness and living in the moment is a really useful skill that can help reduce anxiety. Providing children with the tools to learn how be mindful early on is, in my opinion, brilliant for helping them cope with life’s challenges in the future. This book does just that, it gives them opportunities to practise mindfulness and hopefully build it as a lifelong habit to help them have tools to manage difficult situations and feelings in the future.



  • Spreads Positivity–  If you’re looking for an activity book to pop a smile on your child’s face, this is the one. It’s utterly positive throughout, has fun (beautifully drawn) illustrations and could help children and teens to have a positive outlook on situations.



  • No social media in sight! I often think how difficult it must be for tweens and teens growing up in the ‘social media’ generation, with friends documenting and sharing everything (true or not) on their social media channels- open for comments and judgement. What I absolutely adore about this journal is it reminds me of a simpler time before all this technology took over, when as tween/teenagers some of us used to write journals and spend ages scribbling and drawing in notebooks about our feelings! It also got me thinking that, although my children aren’t yet at this age, I know i’d much prefer them to be sharing their feelings in a paper journal than on social media! I’d also much prefer them to be guided by the wonderful, positive, inspirational quotes in this book than others on social media!


Buy Follow Your Rainbow: A Creative Journal on Amazon here. For every book bought Imagine That Publishers are donating £1 to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity’s COVID-19 Appeal!

Visit Imagine That Publisher’s website here. 

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*Please note that we received a sample copy for the review and this post is sponsored. All words and opinions are our own.

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