Win a set of Stick-Os by Magformers in our Twitter Give Away

It’s no secret that here at The SEN Resources Blog we are huge fans of Magformers (if you’ve not heard of them before have a read here)

So we were VERY excited to discover they have launched a new range of magnetic construction toys called Stick-O. The lovely people at Magformers have also given us the opportunity to give away a set to one lucky winner on twitter. To enter please go to this tweet here. Full terms and conditions apply, read them here.

What are Stick-Os?

They are essentially plastic building blocks of different shapes and colours that connect to one another using inbuilt magnets!

What do we like about them?

  • Endless Fun! There’s so much fun to be had with this wonderful construction toy. Children will love the bright colours, different shapes and the gentle clicking sound when the inbuilt magnets connect one piece to another. We had great fun building and creating shapes and objects! Making everything from rockets to people! I also love that it is suitable for such a wide range of ages, from toddlers to older children.

  • Easy to build– Perhaps the best thing about this toy is how easy it is the build with. If a child finds it tricky connecting other construction toys together then this one will be well loved as it’s so simple- you just put two pieces next to one another and the inbuilt magnet joins them together! Taking away any frustration of building and allowing children to concentrate on their imaginations and what they would like to create!

  • Inspires Creativity– This toy is brilliant for inspiring children to be creative and make up their own builds. Examples of ideas they could build are on the box and leaflet enclosed, but we really enjoyed making up our own builds!

  • Educational – From teaching children about magnetism to colours and shapes, this toy is wonderfully educational too.

Find it on Amazon here or on their website here or Enter our competition on twitter to try and win a set here. Full terms and conditions apply, read them here

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