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Review: Fish in a Tree

This weekend I’ve been reading a brilliant chapter book for children called Fish in a Tree. A wonderful book to help children in particular with dyslexia and/ other Special Educational Needs feel empowered.

Fish in a Tree is about a girl who has moved schools many times and has managed (so far) to avoid people realising that she can’t read. That is until now. Thankfully, she gains a wonderful new teacher who explains to her that she’s not ‘stupid’ but she has dyslexia and that is why she finds reading difficult.

What did we like about it?

  • Relatable– I loved how relatable this book is for children and teens. It depicts school life accurately and deals with topics such as bullying. It also highlights the difference a good teacher can make on a young persons life.
  • Could be read independently or with a child– My only concern with this book was its length. My thoughts were that ironically many young people and children with dyslexia, whom this book could really help, may be put off by the amount of words in this book etc. However, I’ve heard of lots of parents buying this book to read to/with their child. Reading a chapter a night. Not only would this help children access the content easier but by reading together it provides opportunities for children to open up and discuss any of the issues in the book that might be affecting them too.
  • Promotes Awareness of DyslexiaFish in a Tree will no doubt help to educate people about dyslexia. Addressing any misconceptions and highlighting the fact that many people with dyslexia also have talents in other areas.

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