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Make Your Own Pudsey Ears for Children In Need

Here’s a lovely easy craft to get children making their own, home made, Pudsey bear ears for Children in Need! Could be for at school, pre school, nursery or at home. All you need is some coloured card, scissors and glue!

If you’re using instead of buying the children in need Pudsey ears, why not donate some money to Children in Need (details on their website here)

How do you make it?

  • Draw round a small object, like a pen lid, onto the coloured paper and cut out so you have a selection of coloured circles

  • Draw the following shape onto a plain piece of yellow card, we used a cup to draw round for the top of the ears to make it smooth. Then cut out.

  • Create the white insert for the ears by drawing round a cup onto the white paper. Then drawing round the top of the cup half way along the circle, as below. Cut out and stick onto the yellow paper ears/band.

  • Stick the coloured circles onto the white ear inserts with glue.

  • Make the band to go round the child’s head using left over yellow card. Cut a white strip of paper the same length and stick in the centre and stick coloured circles onto it. Stick the band onto the front part and you’re done!

* as with all craft activities please risk assess based on the children in your care, we take no responsibility.

If you’re making these instead of buying pudsey ears, then I’d love you to consider heading to the children in need website to donate if you are able.

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