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Best Children’s Books and Resources for Learning about Electricity

As a former science teacher, I strongly believe in the importance of children learning about the world we live in from an early age. In fact I’ve dedicated a whole section to Recommended Science Resources, toys and books on The SEN Resources Blog here

Electricity is arguably a huge part of our modern day-to-day lives and as such children need to learn about it. Not only that, but children need to understand about electricity as it also has the potential to present real danger to young children.

There are some absolutely wonderful children’s books and learning resources out there to help young children learn about electricity.

As always, please supervise children with any activity involving electricity, risk assess fully and read the instructions and safety information provided by resources. We take no responsibility.

Also, depending on ability, you can use the books to help educate children on the dangers of electricity in the home.

What are our favourite Resources about Electricity for young children?

  • TTS Electricty Circuit Kit– We love this fantastic starter electric circuit kit. What better way to learn about electricity than to use it! Children can make simple circuits, set off buzzers and motors, light up bulbs and even test different materials conductivity! Great fun! It also comes in a brilliant carry box, keeping all the components safe and organised. We particularly loved how you can ‘see inside’ the components, such as the switch- allowing children to fully understand how they work-whilst keeping them safe.

  • Oaka Books– As those that read our blog regularly will know, we are huge fans of Oaka Books. for KS1, KS2, KS3 and Common Entrance Exams- designed with children with Special Educational Needs in mind. Their colourful, fun revision packs cover topics from a whole range of subjects from KS1 to KS3, including French, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Read our full review here. They even have one on Electric Circuits that can be found here.
    • Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires: Special, Sparky Experiments (Next Steps in STEM) We adore this book, it’s so exciting! It’s packed full of fun practical activities to support teaching electricity at home with children, using household objects. The book has easy to follow, step by step instructions and gets children creating things such as circuits using pencils and making their very own battery!
      Charging About: The Story of Electricity (Science Works) This book is very clever. It uses fun cartoons to tell the story of the journey of electricity from being made to being used. It’s such a brilliant way of really engaging children in the topic and helping them to understand what is actually going on when they press a light switch!
      4M Lemon Clock One of my favourite electric practicals with children was using lemons and potatoes to make batteries- it’s a sure fire way of sparking a child’s interest in the topic! It creates a great deal of intrigue and questions!! Therefore, it’s not surprising that I love this kit to make a clock using a lemon!

    • See Inside Energy This book is fantastic, it has 65 lift the flaps and colourful illustrations to show where energy is coming from and how it’s used. Brilliant!

    • Dkfindout! Energy Great book for quenching children’s thirst for knowledge! We love the quizzes and sheer volume of facts! It also has a brilliant double spread on Circuits.

    * Please note we were sent some samples for review. All words and opinions are our own. This post contains some Amazon Affiliate links, for more information please read our about me section.