Tag: DIY

Home Learning Activity: Make a Puppet Show

This activity is great as there is so much to do and so much to learn! Children can design and make the puppets (maybe even learn how to sew?!), make the puppet theatre and then have a go at some acting skills with the show! (If you like […]

Masking Tape Airport

As part of our Aeroplane Theme on The SEN Resources Blog we’ve made a toy airport out of masking tape and duplo. Simple and quick activity that provides hours of imaginative play fun!  What do you need: Masking Tape (quite a lot!) Pen Something to make your airport […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Castles

We love imaginative play (click here for our post on the benefits and more ideas) Castles are so easy to make out of a box and hours of fun!  Develops: Language and communication skills- ‘acting out’ scenarios with toys in the castle  Fine motor skills- drawing moats, grass and […]