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Review Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Smash Egg (Smyths Toys)

We’ve been very lucky to try out a fantastic dinosaur themed toy this week: Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Smash Egg (Smyths Toys)

What’s particularly great about it is it’s fantastic for children that love and or benefit from sensory/messy play- children can literally smash the eggs open (!) and there’s also slime, putty and a fizzy lava bomb to discover inside!

What did we like about the Zuru Smashers Dino Epic Smash Egg?

  • The kids LOVED the rare opportunity to break things! I think the best was to describe them opening the egg and the smaller smasher eggs inside (…who am I kidding…completely smashing the egg!) was ‘controlled chaos’. They don’t get many opportunities to smash things and they absolutely loved it- think it was quite therapeutic. And what’s great is, it is controlled, as the egg doesn’t break as such, it just separates into its main pieces (and it can be reassembled for more turns! Handy for siblings who each want a turn!)

Range of Activities inside

    – There’s So many activities inside from dino smashing eggs with toys inside, to fizzy lava, slime and putty. There’s even a dinosaur excavation kit. It’s brilliant and keeps little ones entertained for hours.

Sensory Opportunities

    – We loved how sensory this toy is with its slime, putty and fizzing lava. Sensory play can be very beneficial and enjoyable for children.

Where can you buy one?

You can find the range of Zuru Smashers, including this toy on the Smyths website here.

*Please note we were sent a sample for review. All thoughts are our own.

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