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Review: New Thunderbirds Are Go Toy Collection From Bandai

We are SO excited to be sharing with you our thoughts on the new Thunderbirds Are Go Toy collection from Bandai.

Not only are Thunderbirds a very popular TV programme (airing Saturdays 8am CITV) but their toys are also favourites for many. From a personal point of view, Thunderbirds is huge in our house! We’ve spent many a Saturday morning watching it on CITV with the kids (…and a coffee in hand).

Their toys are wonderful for acting out the scenes from the TV programme and I love watching the kids make sense of the episodes through their own play after.

We tried out the Mechanic and Virgil action figures

Thunderbird 1, 2 and 3

What did we like about the new Thunderbirds Are Go Toy Collection:

  • Action Figures– The children absolutely adored playing with the Virgil and Mechanic Action Figures! They are huge (30cm tall!) and say 5 phrases, flash lights and you can make them ‘walk’ and move their arms due to their articulated joints! The firing weapon that the Mechanic has, went down very well too!

  • Motion Tech & Voice Activated-We’ve played with a fair few thunderbird vehicle toys, including some of the originals. What sets the latest TB1, TB2 and TB3 apart is that they have motion tech and are voice activated- so they make sounds when they ‘hear’ a sound as well as when you move them. The children found this feature fantastic for imaginative play as it was like having automatic sound effects when they were pretending to launch the vehicles and fly through the sky!

  • Thunderbird 2’s Zip Line, Grapple Hook and Virgil action figureTB2 has always been a favourite in our house and the kids have played with a fair few of the different versions, but the latest TB2 is definitely their favourite. And it’s no surprise- it comes with a Virgil action figure and a zip line (with grapple hook) so you can pull out the zip line, attach it to something (door handles/furniture etc) and have Virgil glide down the zip line to ‘rescue’ someone!! So much fun! TB2 also has red lights at the back Thrusters and we much preferred the size of it as it’s not as huge as previous TB2s.

*Please note we received samples for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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