Children's Book Review

Favourite Children’s Books and Resources for Teaching about People Who Help us.

Whether you have a child who’s interested in playing doctors and with toy fire engines or you are teaching the ‘People Who Help Us’ topic to Reception/ EYFS. Here’s our favourite toys, books and learning resources all about People Who Help Us- the real life super heroes.

  • Star in Your Own Story: Firefighter This book is gorgeous and such a clever concept. You write your child’s name on the card insert (there’s room for a few names to alternate too) and insert it back into the book. The child then becomes the main character as their name is placed inside each sentence in the story! Fantastic for little ones who love fire engines and appreciate a personalised book.
  • Emergency (Wheels at Work)This lovely, fold out book is great for involving children in the story. They can guess what’s going to happen and fold out the page to test their prediction! Great for memory skills too.
  • Astrid and the Sky Calf (Child’s Play Library) This book is utterly beautiful! In both it’s story and illustrations. It tells the tale of a young doctor who tries to treat a sky calf but discovers that sometimes emotional care and friendship is just as important.

We’ve played with our fair share of toy fire engines over the years, but this is one of our favourites. Wooden, chunky and great fun!

  • Early Years Resources Occupational Tabards– Role Play is a great way of helping children to understand a topic. Especially so when learning about every day superheroes/ people who help us. These occupational Tabards sold at Early Years Resources include various emergency service occupations like fire fighters, police service etc. They are great quality, wipe clean and easy for kids to put on themselves. Wonderful for imaginative play! They are brand new but will be launched on their website here later this year!

  • Bizzy Bear: Ambulance Rescue This book is adorable! Fantastic way of explaining to children the important work the ambulance service carry out. It’s detailed illustrations and fun interactive elements make this book a real favourite.

  • Suzie Goes to the Dentist– We adore the Suzie Books series of books by Charlotte Olson and we were delighted to find they have one specifically for going to the dentist to help children prepare in advance for their trip. As many parents will relate, dentist trips can be challenging for many children and often talking through what will happen in advance helps.

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