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Review: Nature Book by Clare Beaton

As anyone who reads my blog will know, I love crafts and I love nature..therefore I was over the moon when B-Small Publishers said I could review The Nature Book by Clare Beaton. 

The Nature Book teaches children about nature as well as providing relevant and exciting craft activities to try! 

What did we like about it? 

  • Unique and Engaging Activities- There are so many activities that I would have never have thought to do without this book. For example making an owl out of a loo roll! It’s a brilliant book to inspire you and your children to complete some really interesting crafts. 

  • Promotes a Love of Nature – Packed full of beautiful illustrations and interesting facts The Nature Book helps to inspire our next generation of wildlife lovers. 

  • Combines Craft and Reading- I loved that there was a mixture of information about wildlife to read and craft activities to complete. A fabulous way of engaging children who love crafts in reading (and vice versa!)

  • Activities to Develop Fine Motor Skills– Crafts are a fun way of helping children to build the tiny muscles in their hands and fingers in order to develop fine motor control (important for learning to write, use a knife and fork etc). The crafts activities in this book include a whole range of different activities that help develop fine motor skills-including scissor practise, sticking and glueing and  colouring.

  • Thoroughly Explained– I loved the instructions. They explain (in a very lovely and logical way) exactly what you need to do in order to complete the activity.  Great for parents who might not be confident with crafts themselves. 

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