Alphabet Activity

Forming Letters of The Alphabet with Flour

Wanting to get your child practising forming the letters of the alphabet in a fun, sensory way? We love practising forming the letters using sand

…but when the weathers cold- using flour in a tray can be a great indoor alternative.

What do you need?

  • A Tray/plate/shallow box
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Flour

What do you do?

  • Really easy, line the tray with paper.
  • Then either write the letters of the alphabet on paper yourself or download and print our free letters of the alphabet printable.
  • Pop one of the pieces of paper with a letter on , onto the tray and cover with flour
  • Encourage your child to draw the outline of the letter in the flour
  • Swap to another letter when they’ve mastered it!

What can children learn from this activity and how can they benefit ?

  • Correct formation of letters of the alphabet, in a fun way, without the pressure of ‘getting it right’ using a pencil or pen.
  • Fine motor skills (find out more about these here)
  • Sensory play benefits- sensory play for many children can be very therapeutic and relaxing. Learning through sensory play can reduce stress and help children remember the formation of the letters easier.

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