The Benefits to Children of Autumn Crafts 

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We’ve been taking advantage of all the beautiful leaves and conkers that have fallen off the trees to create artwork with the children.

At first glance it might just look like good fun sticking and glueing them down and painting/colouring. But children also develop many skills whilst completing these activities.

What did we create:

We made a Leaf Hedgehog after a twitter friend recommended the activity (thank you!). We also made a bird and a conker sheep!

(Have a look at our ideas for conker crafts here.)

Skills & understanding developed:

  • Fine Motor Skills- Picking up the leaves, sticking them down in the correct place, painting and colouring- all requires the use of the tiny muscles in the hands and fingers that develop fine motor control. Fine motor skills are vital for learning to write, use a knife and fork etc.
  • Hand Eye Coordination– Putting the leaves and…

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