Kids Craft

Kids Craft Activity- Playdough MiniBeasts!

We’ve been creating MiniBeasts today with playdough and various collage materials (see our post on the benefits of collages here). 

This activity is fantastic for fine motor skills, creativity, imaginative skills and also learning about insects. It’s also easy and great for a range of ages and abilities.


What do you need? 

How do you make it? 

Really simple activity! We found the best way was to provide a ‘buffet style’ of materials for the kids to choose from and give them a dollop of playdough on a plate. 

They then experimented with where to put the googly eyes, what they could use for legs etc. 

What’s wonderful about play dough is you can easily start again/remould it if you change your mind on what you would like to make! 

Here’s some more of our creations… 

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    • Thanks so much, really pleased you liked it. Let me know how you get on if you try it out.
      I’ve seen a few recipes on the internet for home made playdough with people adding scents like coconut or lemon. Haven’t tried it myself so can’t comment on the smell, but they looked reasonably simple.


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