Imaginative Play Activity

Review: Pretend & Play® Original School Set by Learning Resources

In my opinion, imaginative play is fantastic for helping children to process information and make sense of it themselves. That’s why we adored the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Original School Set (UK version) that facilitates children to play pretend schools, helping them to prepare for the real thing. 

Whether it be for children who are about to start school in September or for those who will moving year groups/classes, we believe this toy could help children with the transition and reinforce the positives of school. 

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Original School Set (UK version) is a foldable imaginative play set that comes with everything you need to play schools from a mini school bell to stickers, whiteboards, maps and worksheets. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Great Fun! – Most importantly, the children loved it. A really fun toy and a brilliant way of enriching playing pretend schools. Because it’s enjoyable, we also believe it helps to build positive thoughts of school- which can only be a good thing! 

    • Educational– I was impressed with the amount of learning this toy facilitates. Through play children can cover topics such as basic geography, alphabet, telling the time, days of the week and weather. 

      • Develop Social Skills- its a great toy to play with friends, taking turns to be the teacher and students, making it good for helping to develop important social skills. 

        • Practical– Parents will also be relieved to discover that it’s a brilliant space saving toy, as it folds up flat. It’s also portable as it has Velcro to hold it together when folded and a handle to carry it. 

        Have a look at it here on Amazon: 

        (Affiliate link) 

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