The SEN Resources Blog in May

We’ve been very busy on The SEN Resources Blog this month, and in case you missed anything, here’s a round up of all the exciting things we got up to. 

We started May midway through our Dinosaur Themed Week. A really fun week of trying out dinosaur toys, books and day trips for children. 

During the second week on May we tried out a fantastic resource by Twoey for teachers and tutors of children with special educational needs. The ‘feely bag’ helps children to describe objects by touch alone, encouraging their language skills in a fun way. 

Dyslexia awareness became our focus during mid May, where we trailed Twinkl’s Dyslexia Resources that they created with the British Dyslexia Association: 

During May, I was also doing ALOT of research into how to help children who are scared of the bath and I shared my research and tips here: 

The end of May has been our Under The Sea Themed Week– where we created an Under The Sea Immersive Environment,read Sea Themed books, played with pretend sea creatures and vehicles and we even created our own out of  Magformers.

And finally, this weekend we made some beautiful collages with materials from Early Years Resources and discovered the array of skills developed during this activity.  

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been busy on the blog this month! Going to have a good read of the review too and put it on our trip list ๐Ÿ™‚

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