Eleven (Free!) Activities for young children at the weekend  

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The bank holiday weekend is in full swing: Here’s eleven activities that, minus a bit of petrol and or ice cream money…should be pretty much free.

  1. Park– don’t under estimate the local play park! Not only are they free but there’s always the added bonus that they may bump into one of their friends or make a new one.
  2. Crafts– on rainy days, from colouring to paper mache…getting crafty is perfect. Having craft implements (pencils, crayons, paints, scissors) accessible but safe means children are more likely to choose this as an activity. Have a look at our Crafts section on our blog here
  3. Visit a pet shop– sounds a bizarre suggestion, but always a hit! It’s basically a free zoo! Have a quick look at their pet animals, learn the names and pick your favourites.
  4. Pool party– if you’re lucky enough to have a pool…fab! But…

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