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Review: Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine (May)

We’re big fans of The Mr Tumble Something Special Magazine and have really enjoyed learning and having fun with this month’s exciting edition.

For those of you who haven’t bought the magazine before (or read my previous reviews of the magazine) the magazine is fun and educational and based on the Mr Tumble Something Special TV Programme. It’s aimed at all pre-school aged children and is particularly useful for those with special educational needs and disabilities. 

What do we like about it? 

The magazines are packed full of stories, colouring pages , stickers, activities, crafts and includes makaton signing system on every page. Great for entertaining and educating young children. We also love that the magazines promote awareness of special educational needs and disabilities. 

So, what about this month’s magazine…

This month’s Magazine: May


Let’s face it, children get VERY excited about the toys in children’s magazines and we can report that the gift in May’s edition is brilliant: a Mr Tumble figure and a Tumble Bus! There’s even a road map page inside to inspire children to pretend to drive their bus around! The kids had great fun practising their bus driving skills and making Mr Tumble wait at the bus stop for the bus. 

Knowledge learnt:

This month the magazine was really varied and interesting, with something for everyone- covering topics such as monkeys, owls, ladybirds, music, hand washing and colours! 


Colouring–  If your child loves colouring, or if (like me!) you’re trying to encourage your child to put pen to paper more often..then this month’s magazine is for you! There’s a lot of colouring opportunities in this edition. 

What’s fantastic is that as well as ‘colouring pages’ there are other pages with interesting ways of including short colouring and mark making tasks within an activity, which we found to be brilliant for encouraging our child to practise. 

This not only helps develop fine motor skills but also their pencil grip and hand strength. 

Counting – As with their previous magazines, there’s a lovely counting activity to reinforce number recognition and teach basic maths skills. It also involves stickers- making it even more fun!

Cutting & Sticking– We loved the owl activity. Children are encouraged to colour the owl, practise their scissor skills cutting out feathers and then glue them onto the owl. 


Favourite Activity: I tweeted last month about how my little one loves Mr Tumble so much, that she’d pretended to have her own ‘spotty bag’…

… well you can imagine how excited we all were to discover that this month’s edition of the Mr Tumble Magazine shows you how to make you’re very own spotty bag!! Brilliant! My little one uses hers for carrying pencil crayons around 😍


Please note this blog post is Sponsored and we also received a copy of the magazine for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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