Children's day trip

Eleven (Free!) Activities for young children at the weekend  

The bank holiday weekend is in full swing: Here’s eleven activities that, minus a bit of petrol and or ice cream money…should be pretty much free.

  1. Park– don’t under estimate the local play park! Not only are they free but there’s always the added bonus that they may bump into one of their friends or make a new one.
  2. Crafts– on rainy days, from colouring to paper mache…getting crafty is perfect. Having craft implements (pencils, crayons, paints, scissors) accessible but safe means children are more likely to choose this as an activity. Have a look at our Crafts section on our blog here  
  3. Visit a pet shop– sounds a bizarre suggestion, but always a hit! It’s basically a free zoo! Have a quick look at their pet animals, learn the names and pick your favourites.
  4. Pool party– if you’re lucky enough to have a pool…fab! But for the rest of us, a paddling pool is still great fun! Add bubbles, balls, hose pipes etc to make it even more fun!
  5. Picnic– classic, summer activity. Lovely to do as a family or with friends. Or even teddies! Can even just be done in the garden. And the best bit is no post dinner crumbs to sweep.                              
  6. Gardening– get the kids helping out in the garden. Whether it’s repotting plants, weeding or planting’ll be surprised how much they enjoy it.
  7. Make a Scarecrow– favourite activity of mine. Even better if you’ve done number 6 and planted some seeds that need protecting from birds! Or you may be lucky enough to have a scarecrow competition near you. Amazing if you go the whole hog and make from straw in sacks but don’t worry it can even be made just out of paper and card! Here’s our attempt…(the flower positions were not my choice!)
  8. Bird spotting– on a walk or just in the garden. Once you start watching it’s incredible how many birds you can spot. Make it more exciting by making your very own ‘bird hide’ from a cardboard box or bird feeder (find out how here)
  9. Bug hunt– spiders, ladybirds, butterflies are all very exciting creatures to go looking for when your a child. Extend this activity with photography of your finds!
  10. Feed the ducks- can’t beat it! Lovely activity with the family. 
  11. Make a teepee or tent ⛺️. I’m a big fan of den making indoors on rainy days, so this is just the sunny day version! Use sticks and leaves to make a brill outdoor space.

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