Review: Garden Party Pack by Personalised Parties

To celebrate and enjoy the beautiful weather that we’ve been having in the UK, we decided to have an impromptu Garden Party for the kids! 

We were kindly sent a Personalised Garden Party Pack for 8 by Personalised Parties, to try out for our party. We were very impressed with the pack and had so much fun! 

Included in the pack were personalised plates, treat boxes, cups, party hats, masks and even personalised food flags!
What did we like about it? 

  • Website Easy to Use– Planning Parties for little ones can become surprisingly complicated and stressful, but we found using the Personalised Parties website to be simple, easy and quick. Their customer service was great and everything arrived when they said it would. 

  • High Quality & Stunning, Unique Design- I was very impressed with the quality of the party kit and we adored the design, with it’s little bugs! Gorgeous and so different to any other party plates etc that we’ve seen. 

  • Variety- There was a lot of variety in the kit, from the large treat boxes to the party hats & masks. 

  • Special- I’ve written before about how special Personalised products can make children feel. It is really lovely for them to see their names/initials on their party kit. Helps reinforce that the party is all for them! 

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