Review: WUBL Water 

With the gorgeous weather we’ve had in parts of the UK, the last few days have felt like summer. Like many other parents of small children I’ve been gently reminding (…nagging!) my children to wear their suncream, hats and drink lots of water. 

I’m also a big believer in the importance of children drinking water and not sugary drinks. For many reasons, including keeping themselves and their teeth healthier.

 When we are out and about, if their drinks bottles are running low we tend to buy bottled water to top them up- but it’s difficult to persuade kids that the boring looking bottled water is the best option over the array of other interesting, brightly coloured sugary/dizzy drinks next to them! 

So it’s a perfect time for our review of WUBL Water- pure spring water designed just for children. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Appealing to Kids– With its fun characters, funny/catchy name and colourful packaging, my kids were VERY keen to try it. And I’ve no doubt they’d be excited to buy it if they saw it out and about.  

    • Healthy- We loved that it’s a fun, healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Hydration is so important for children, as is limiting their sugar intake. 
    • Portable- It’s the perfect size and shape for small children  to hold and it’s easy to put in a lunch box. 

      • Can buy on Amazon: We were delighted to find that you can buy it on Amazon Here 

      Buy your own from Amazon Here

      (Affiliate link) 

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      1. I couldn’t agree with you more. My children only take water with them to school and although sugary drinks are discouraged by staff they do still appear in lunch boxes! I think my kids would love the cartons and be delighted to take them into school (and maybe others would follow!)

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