Review: Letterbox Lab

As a former secondary science teacher I was ridiculously excited to get the opportunity to try out the Letterbox Lab – a science experiment subscription box that is posted through your door! 

It didn’t disappoint! It’s a brilliant, exciting set of science experiment kits that show children how fun science really is. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Fun! We had ALOT of fun trying out the various science activities in the Letterbox Lab boxes. From chromatography to slime, there’s a collection of fantastic practicals to engage and excite kids about  science! 

    • Builds on Knowledge and Understanding- What was fantastic was, it didn’t matter that we hadn’t already tried their subscription boxes out (we weren’t left behind) as everyone starts on box 1. Through a series of practicals in each box they build on and extend children’s understanding of science.  

      • Educational-  I loved that whilst the children were having a great time trying out the boxes, they were also learning a lot of science. We covered key topics such as light, states of matter and static electricity. Not only helping them to love science but also providing them with fundamental understanding to help support their science learning at school.


      • Skill based: With my ‘science teacher hat’ on, I was a big fan of how skill based skills are developed through the various experiments. Skills such as describing observations , recording results and discussing predictions. Which are incredibly important. 

        • Safety First– Parents will be pleased to see that there’s always specific safety instructions for each practical. These ensure children are safe and that they learn the importance of considering safety in experiments. 

          • High Quality– The equipment & accompanying booklets are very high quality and extremely organised. The chemicals and equipment are labelled in separate bags and each chemical is measured out in the correct amount for you (for example the mica powder and sodium chloride) making it easy to carry out the practicals. 


          • Positive Reinforcement Throughout- The children loved the stickers that they got for completing each box and the certificate at the end.


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              • Not at all, they provide very detailed, easy to follow instructions and all the tricky bits like measuring out chemicals is done for you. I think having some basic science knowledge definitely helps, but it is by no means necessary to use the kits.


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