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Review: Roll it Riley by WOW Toys

We’ve been loving playing with WOW Toys Roll-it Riley as part of our Construction Imaginative Play week! It’s a bright, chunky, smiley and rattly roller with its very own mini construction worker.

What did we like about it? 

  • Sparks Children’s Curiosity-I was impressed and amazed by the number of questions this toy prompted. As soon as I helped them get Roll-it-Riley out of the box I was quizzed on my knowledge of construction vehicles: “What’s a roller?” ‘What does it do?” “Does it knock things over?” “What’s this bit for?” “Is it a type of digger?” prompting us to do a little bit of research to boost my knowledge!

  • Encourages Imaginative Play – Since unboxing Roll-it Riley we’ve used it to knock down a play dough brick wall, make tracks, squish play dough, topple down building block towers and race across the living room. Like the other WOW toys it’s brilliant for Imaginative Play!

  • Suitable for a Range of Ages and Ability In my review of Ronnie Rocket (another fabulous WOW toy) I wrote about how brilliant it is that it can be enjoyed by young and older children alike. This toy is no different. WOW toys pride themselves in producing toys without very small parts, suitable for 12 months plus-which is reassuring when you have young children.

  • Very Very Fast– I’ll admit I have stolen this point from my toddler. But lets face it..speed is probably one of the most important factors of a toy vehicle for kids! We were genuinely very surprised at how fast Roll-it-Riley is, especially on solid floors. He also makes a brilliant rattling sound as he moves, adding to the fun!

See what else we’ve been doing as part of our Construction Imaginative Play week here 


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  1. Thanks for your review on this Roll it Riley toy. I find it very encouraging that you help others to ‘play’ with toys. Making suggestions of how to get the best play from them and skills aided by so doing.
    Without your review I would have just thought of if as another vehicle but now I will be really enthusiastic when presenting it to my grand daughter. Thank you.

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