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Review: Ronnie Rocket by WOW Toys

Wow indeed! We’ve been incredibly impressed by  Ronnie Rocket 🚀 by WOW.

Beautifully packaged and designed, Ronnie Rocket comprises of a bright and colourful rocket that countdowns to its ‘launch’, a flip open cockpit with pretend dials and an accompanying cute, little astronaut.

What did we like about it? 

  • Attention to Detail- From the rocket boosters to the impeccably designed cockpit this toy rocket provides the attention to detail that children love, fuelling (!) their drive for imaginative play!

  • No Batteries -I LOVE that this toy (and in fact the whole range of WOW toys) doesn’t need batteries. Not only does it’s lack of batteries and simplicity promote more imaginative Play and less reliance on flashing lights and buttons..but it also means there’s no ‘mummy it’s run out of batteries’ to be heard!! It also makes the toy less hassle free as a gift (no mad hunt on Christmas Day to find the AA batteries!)
  • Chunky– Arguably one of the best features of this toy from a safety point of view is its size. No small pieces means it’s suitable for babies 12 months plus. This is fantastic if you have an older toddler and a baby-as it can be difficult to find fun toys for an older toddler without  small parts that could pose a  danger to a baby. From a SEN point of view I think it’s fantastic for older children who require sensory stimulation by putting toys in their mouths but would prefer not to play with ‘baby toys’ and have a more age appropriate toy instead.

  • Promotes Imaginative Play– I’m a massive fan of the importance of Imaginative Play. It’s wonderful watching children in their own worlds of imagination at play. It also broadens childrens knowledge and understanding in an enjoyable, passive way. This toy is perfect for prompting and supporting space imaginative Play. We’ve had the excitement of trips to the moon, encounters with aliens and even visits to the international space station thanks to Ronnie Rocket (..and my children’s imagination)

  • Fun! Let’s face it, toys are designed for children to have fun and Ronnie Rocket definitely delivers on the fun factor. It has a pull cord to start the countdown, a flip top cockpit and a Ronnie the astronaut to put into the rocket to ‘blast off’ into space!

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