fine motor skills

Fine Motor Skills Activity: Building Blocks

A lot of children (and lets face it..adults) love building blocks. 

Whether it be Lego, duplo, mega blocks or your traditional wooden building blocks- it’s a favourite toy for many. 

Building blocks open a world of creativity that’s accessible to most children. 

But what other benefits does this activity have? 

Believe it if not, whilst your child is happily building towers and bridges (or giraffes and ducks like we had yesterday!)…. 

…..they are also building tiny muscles in their hands, thumbs and fingers that they will use to learn to write. 

Not only that but they are also developing coordination and dexterity that will allow them to learn to do up zips on clothes, undo buttons, tie shoe laces and use knives and forks at dinner. 

So next time you feel guilty for getting the box of Lego or duplo out AGAIN…remind yourself that you are helping them develop a fundamental skill. 

These skills that develop these muscles are called Fine Motor Skills. 

Please check out the rest of my blog for other suggestions of Fine Motor activities. 

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