Children's Book Review

Review: Let’s Go and Say Hello by Marcella Golan

Today we’ve been reading Let’s Go and Say Hello by Marcella Golan. 

A delightful, children’s picture book about a worldwide adventure! 

What did we like about it? 

  • Educational- The kids have learnt lots from reading this book. Including how to say ‘Hello’ in 7 different languages and some cultural characteristics of different countries. 

  • Promotes Equality and Diversity- The moral of Marcella Golan’s book is clear- everyone is equal and our differences should be celebrated. A wonderful and important message to instil in children. 
  • Unique- From the striking illustrations to the information provided on different countries, this book is truly one of a kind! 

  • Encourages Manners- There was one page in this book that particularly resonated with the me. This was the end of the story when Erica says Thank You to her mum for taking her on the trip. 

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