Speech, language and communication

Review: Early Years Vocabulary Cards by Activate Speech 

These Early Years Vocabulary Cards by Activate Speech are a fantastic resource for developing speech and language skills. 

They comprise of 32, good quality picture cards and an informative guidance booklet. 

What did we like about it? 

  • Simplicistic and Multifunctional- The cards are plain, A6 photographs without any accompanying writing, this allows them to used in a range of activities and learning aims. For example, they can be used at the start of learning to talk- when a child is learning to identify objects by the sound of the word. At the other extreme, they can be used to extend a child’s vocabulary: discussing object location, opposites, word association etc. 
  • High Quality– Printed to a very high standard and on durable card, the Early Years Vocabulary Cards can be used regularly without needing to be replaced.
  • Portable- The cards come in metal tin and are A6 size. They can therefore fit into a bag easily. Useful when teaching or tutoring. 
  •  Comprehensive Instruction Booklet- The detail and breadth of suggestions in the instruction booklet is fantastic. Providing many ideas of how to get the most out of this brilliant resource. 

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