Alphabet Activity

Review: Letters and Sounds (phonics) Box by Ready Steady School

We received our Letters and Sounds Box through the post this week from Ready Steady School.
A box packed full of resources to help you teach your children the basics of learning to read and write.

What did we like about it? 

  • It’s fun! Activities for learning to read and write need to be engaging in order for them to succeed and these certainly are. There’s a game of Bingo, alphabet magnets, a progress chart with colourful stickers, friendly cartoon characters called Tom and Pom and a fishing game!

  • Toolkit cards- included in the box are descriptive Tool Kit Cards that instruct and give guidance to parents of how to get the most out of the resources provided.

  • Quality- the printed resources are of a superb quality and on durable card allowing for them to be reused.  

  • Wipe clean writing board- what I loved about the writing board was it has both upper and lower case letters printed on it with guidance of how to teach children to draw each letter. This enables consistency between parents and teachers, as they will be taught how to form letters the same way. Which is a lot less confusing for the child when they start school!

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