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Review: Craft Monthly 

We were excited to receive our Craft Monthly box through the post this week. It is a monthly, subscription box packed full of goodies to help children develop a love of crafts!


What did we like about it?

  • It’s made by Children for Children- this helps to make it more appealing to kids as the choice of activities is suitable and engaging. We loved the mini dinosaur colouring book with small pack of coloured pencils (you can never have too many pencils in my opinion!)

  • Variety- from the pencil case, notepad and stationary to the different pieces of fabric and a drink recipe- there was so much choice of activities in this box that we were entertained for hours!
  • Beautifully and Professionally Packaged- the attention to detail in this box is second to none. The different activities are organised into separate, transparent packs with inventories listing what’s inside. Everything is very well thought through, making crafting with kids a lot less stressful. For example the mini pot of glue comes with a wooden spatula. 
  • Sparks imagination- our favourite part of the box was the pack of fabric -as it allowed for creative thinking. What could we use these to make?! I’m a big fan of Imaginative Play and open ended activities- as I believe children can learn a lot of skills from them (and they are fun!) After much discussion we decided to make masks from ours:

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