Review: Andy’s Amazing Adventures CBeebies Magazine. 

  • I’ve absolutely loved using this magazine with children this week. It’s fun, packed full of activities and dinosaur toys (and don’t tell the kids but it’s secretly very educational!) 

What did I like about it? 

  • Children can practice their fine motor skills by colouring pages, drawing dinosaurs, sticking stickers and most excitingly painting their very own toy T-REX!! This in particular has helped me encourage children who don’t normally enjoy painting to get involved in the activity, as the end result is something they can keep and play with. 

  • A key stage of learning to write is learning to trace/follow lines. This magazine features pages whereby a child can practice this skill, as well as extending their learning by drawing the letter ‘S’

    •  The magazine includes toy, model dinosaurs which encourage imagitive play. Children can act out scenes with their dinosaurs.
    • Speech and language can also be developed by attempting the difficult pronunciation of the dinosaurs (which are phonetically spelt out to help grown ups too!!)

    Overall, a fantastic, educational magazine! 

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