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Favourite Super Hero Themed Children’s Books

It’s superhero week on The SEN Resources Blog! So heres our top Super Hero books for young children 1. Super Me  I love reading this book to children, its about finding the super hero in your self and realising that you are braver than you think! Fantastic for […]

Construction Themed Books for Kids 

This week is all about ‘Construction Imaginative Play‘ on our blog. Here’s 14 of our favourite ‘construction themed’ books: (amazon affiliate links) -I love, love, love Rosie Revere Engineer and its message on gender equality and not giving up. I would highly recommend it. It’s currently my children’s […]

Mini Review: The Very Long Sleep

Title: The Very Long Sleep (Child’s Play Library) by Polly Noakes Why do we love it? Enchanting illustrations by Polly Noakes, adorable animals and hibernation misunderstandings! What makes it Christmassy? Snowy scenes, snuggling down for the winter and the value of friendship. Want to buy it for Christmas? Click on […]