Review: Craft Monthly 

We were excited to receive our Craft Monthly box through the post this week. It is a monthly, subscription box packed full of goodies to help children develop a love of crafts!   What did we like about it? It’s made by Children for Children- this helps to […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Zoo Keepers

My children adore this imaginative play game. And imaginative play is so important (click here to find out why!)  Setting up a pretend zoo is so easy. We used building blocks to make cages, but you can use anything from  cardboard and  lolly pop sticks to stones in […]

Imaginative Play Idea: Castles

We love imaginative play (click here for our post on the benefits and more ideas) Castles are so easy to make out of a box and hours of fun!  Develops: Language and communication skills- ‘acting out’ scenarios with toys in the castle  Fine motor skills- drawing moats, grass and […]

Review: Starman and Me by Sharon Cohen

We’ve been reading Starman and Me (by Sharon Cohen), an exciting, children’s sci-fi book that had us gripped from the very first page. What did we like about it?  Intriguing-  This book is a definite ‘page turner’. Right from the moment Kofi spots something at the roundabout, our […]