Alphabet Activity

Review Alphabet Placemat 

We’ve been trying out lots of new and engaging ways of learning the alphabet recently (see my post here) so I was delighted to try out this, beautiful Alphabet Placemat by Edge Ahead.

This placemat supports children who are finding learning the alphabet tricky by acting as a subtle, visual reminder at meal times of the letters of the alphabet.

What did we like about it? 

  • Lower case and Upper Case– Too often alphabet resources just show either upper or lower case letters, which can be confusing for children. We loved that this showed both together.

  • Reinforces Learning– We particularly liked that the placemat helps children to learn the alphabet without them realising they are learning (during mealtimes). We have had many conversations about the letters and corresponding pictures during dinner and it’s wonderful that it’s not a forced learning task. It’s also helped develop communication skills at the table by acting as a prompt for conversation.

  • Colourful and Engaging– Importantly for children it’s bright and colourful and full of interesting pictures- making them want to have it as their own placemat. It also looks ‘grown up’ which is always a winner for young children!

  • Good Quality– It is made to a high standard so it will withstand the many spills (…and resulting cleans) that are part of meal times with young children!

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  1. My only annoyance with resources like this are the x and q. Xylophone starts with a ‘zy’ sound, queen starts with a ‘qu’ sound. Good for spellings but challenging for phonics awareness haha. It’s lovely and colourful though!x


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