Review: Slumber Melodies Bear by Summer Infant UK 

As part of my focus on Sleep this week on my blog we’ve been trialling this gorgeous, snuggly, soft teddy. We discovered that Summer Infant Slumber Melodies Bear is no ordinary teddy bear..infact she’s quite clever, as she responds to your child being unsettled and ‘sings’ them back to sleep.

What did we like about it? 

  • She works!! I’m not claiming this bear is the answer to sleep problems.. however, hand on heart she can settle my little back to sleep when she wakes. It hasn’t worked every time, but we have had a fair bit of success..and we’ve only been using her for a week. Sensors in the teddy detect when your little one cries or is unsettled and plays music or white noise sounds in response.

  • Attach onto Bed/Cot– There’s a strap on the back of the teddy allowing it to be attached. I liked this feature as it’s meant my children haven’t misplaced her somewhere else in the house!
    • Options of Sound- You can select which sound you’d like

Summer Infant Slumber Melodies Bear to play to your child by pressing the buttons on her back. There’s a few different ‘white noise’ options as well as some lullaby songs to choose from.

Want to buy it? click on the picture below to find it on Amazon 

(Affiliate link)

We’ve also got the lovely Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Eddie the Elephant  which plays music and projects coloured stars, moons and planets onto the walls and ceiling. Great sensory experience for children as they drift off to sleep.

This week is all about SLEEP on SEN Resources Blog, find out what else we’ve been up to here.

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  1. This bear does look appealing especially with his eyes shut. We usually have to remind our children to close their eyes to go to sleep so we love ‘slumber bear’ for modelling eyes shut! The idea he will settle my child back to sleep when he wakes is extremely appealing. Definitely worth a try. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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    • That’s a very good point about it’s eyes being closed, thanks! Pleased you like it, there’s a link to Amazon via the picture if you’re interested in it for your children. Thanks for your comment 😊


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