Twitter Giveaway- Pop-Up Sensory Space and Sensory Den Activity Cards by TTS Group

If your own children, or the children you teach, would benefit from a Pop-Up Sensory Space including Sensory Den Activity Cards– head over to our Twitter Account to find out how to enter our GIVEAWAY* to stand a chance of winning this fantastic prize** worth around £99. (Terms and Conditions apply and can be found here )

What is a Pop-Up Sensory Space?

Often in schools or at home, it’s beneficial for some children to have a safe, space where they are able to relax. Sensory rooms can be fantastic for this, but require space and can be very expensive to set up. That’s why we loved the idea of these Pop-Up Sensory Spaces.

What do we like about it?

  • Accessible for Wheel Chair Users– We were very happy to see that the Pop-Up Sensory Space’s door can be flush with the floor frame enabling access for wheel chair users.
  • Multi-Use- It can be used as a calm space, reducing sound and lights. Or, using the hooks inside, you can attach sensory resources for example UV lights etc to stimulate a child’s senses. There’s also a barrier you can attach onto the door at the base, enabling you to fill the space with ‘ball pit’ balls.
  • Convenient– It’s light weight, Portable and quick to put up- making it very convenient and hassle free.

What are the Sensory Den Activity Cards?

To accompany the Pop-Up Sensory Space, TTS Group have also designed Activity Cards to provide inspiration for sensory based activities. Each of the activities are short, easy to follow and include useful information such as key vocabulary, resources you may need and reflection questions for assessment and differentiation opportunities.

Enter our Twitter Giveaway to stand a chance of winning these two resources**- go to our Twitter Page to see our Competition Tweet for More details.

*Terms and Conditions for this Twitter Giveaway can be found here.

**Please note the Pop-Up Sensory Space only comes with the Sensory Den Activity Cards, and not the sensory/other resources shown in the photographs.

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