Category: Christmas book

Review: Play Felt Christmas by Imagine That

We’ve been reading and playing with Play Felt Christmas (Soft Felt Play Books) today. A lovely, interactive, festive book for children.  What do we like about it?  Combines Imaginative Play and Reading- I love that this book enables children to play pretend whilst listening to/reading the book. It really […]

Mini Review: One Magical Christmas

Title:  One Magical Christmas Why do we love it? Mesmerising illustrations and an exciting story of a teddy and doll finding their new home.  What makes it Christmassy? Father Christmas’ sleigh, toys and a Christmas ‘miracle’. Also the special moment on Christmas morning when children find presents under the […]

Mini Review: A Christmas Squirrel 

Title: A Christmas Squirrel by Mike Doodson Why do we love it?  A beautiful story to teach children the importance of generosity and kindness. The book also features superb, detailed illustrations of an array of adorable woodland animals -sure to engage young children.  What makes it Christmassy? A backdrop of snow, […]

Mini Review: Miffy in the Snow

Title: Miffy in the Snow Why do we love it? It’s Miffy- the gorgeous, adorable, iconic rabbit! The Miffy stories are always beautifully written and illustrated- this one is no exception.    What makes it Christmassy?  A tale of making snowmen, playing in the snow and doing good deeds […]

Mini Review: Silent Night 

Title: Silent Night Why do we love it? A mesmerising and unbelievably sweet children’s book by Juliet Groom, Time Warnes.  What makes it Christmassy?  Love, family and those precious moments.  Want to buy it for Christmas? Click on the photo below to buy on Amazon (Affiliate link)