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How to Boost Reading & Writing Through Play by Georgina Durrant

My second book, ‘How to Boost Reading and Writing Through Play‘ is now OUT!

More about the book:

Simply put, it’s a collection of play-based learning activities that motivate children aged 4+ to develop their reading and writing skills. The first chapter goes through common barriers to reading and writing and then gives practical ways to help. This is followed by 40 play based activities to develop reading and writing skills. And the final chapter are my reading and writing ‘hacks’ – ways to find ways to develop literacy skills in everyday life at home and in the classroom.


Play is at the heart of science, the arts, engineering, architecture – in short the world we live in. We all learn through play. Yet, for some reason play gets downgraded as trivial. Perhaps that’s because we love it. This book puts play where it belongs: at the heart of our lives. ― Michael Rosen, Writer and broadcaster

The best kind of books offer the reader an adventure within its pages and the best kind of adventure is one that leads to something new. Georgina has skilfully created a wealth of fantastic fresh ideas that act like a much-needed map guiding us towards a deeper understanding of who The Unique Child truly is and how play with all its magic can show them the joyful gift of being a reader and a writer. ― Greg Bottrill, childhood advocate and author of “Can I Go And Play Now?

Well done Georgina, another brilliant book for playful parents! It’s so refreshing to see lots of ways to practise those essential early reading and writing skills in fun and active ways! This will be such a helpful guide for so many of us wanting to give our children the best start in life. ― Claire Russell founder of playHOORAY!

This is a unique and seemingly never-ending supply of fun filled ideas to develop our children as readers and writers. Durrant has cleverly provided us with the go-to manual for those who wish to enthuse and empower children in their literacy journey. ― Chris Dyson- Headteacher Parklands Primary School and Author of ‘Parklands: A School Built on Love

When I was reading this book, what struck me immediately was the sheer depth of Georgina’s knowledge on how to support reluctant readers. Since being lucky enough to have ‘early access’ to this book, I have found myself recommending it to other professionals, parents and carers alike! ― Dr Helen Ross, trustee of the British Dyslexia Association, dyslexic dyslexia expert and educational consultant

Where to buy it?

If you haven’t yet bought a copy, here’s some links of where to find it:

  • Amazon (if the delivery date looks a long way away, click underneath the paper back option on the ’13 new from…’ options- see screenshot below)
  • JKP’s website – feel free to use the discount code ‘DURRLAUNCH22‘ which can be used on either/both of my books ‘How to Boost Reading & Writing Through Play’ and ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play’ on the JKP website for 20% off. It is valid until the end of November.

Want to learn more about my book ‘How to Boost Reading & Writing Through Play’ ? Watch the book launch below:

And don’t forget my first book ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play

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