100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play by Georgina Durrant + Book Launch Video

Yesterday was the official book launch of my book ‘100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play‘ published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. I’m delighted to share with you the recording of the book launch for you to watch in your own time (please let me know what you think!). Scroll down to the bottom of the page to watch.

What’s the book about?

Whether it’s raining and you’re stuck inside, your child is overstimulated and needs some sensory play or you’re off on a train journey and need ideas to keep your child engaged while sat still, 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play is designed to give you 100 ways to keep your child entertained. What’s more, I’ve sneaked into each activity lots of skill-based learning, so while your child is happy playing or creating, you can sit there confident in the knowledge that they are also developing a whole array of skills through play.

I also wanted to create this book to help you if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with how best to develop certain skills with your child. It’s all well and good being told by your child’s school that they need to improve their motor skills, or communication skills, but how do you do this? Where do you start? What can you do at home or out and about with your child to develop these skills? At the bottom of each activity, you’ll find a handy ‘skills’ box highlighting the skills that the activity can help your child develop.

Use my book as a recipe book for play, prop it on your kitchen table and look through with your child to decide what you’re going to do today. And as you would with recipes, if your child doesn’t like part of it, adapt it!

There’s 6 chapters in the book: In the Garden, On a Walk, Sitting Still, Rainy Day Imaginative Play, Crafts and Sensory Play.

Where can you buy a copy?

You can find my book in all major book shops. Here’s the link on Amazon.

Book Launch

Find out about my book by watching an interview with me at my book launch below:

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