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Top 12 Resources and Games for Teaching and Supporting Children to Learn Multiplications (times tables)

Learning and memorising times tables (multiplications) can be really difficult for a lot of children. Thankfully there’s lots of resources and games out there that can help you to support them in making it easier. I’m a huge believer in the importance of play therefore, many of the resources listed below are games.

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My top 12 Resources for learning times tables:

  1. Little professor Calculator – Unlike any other calculator I’ve come across, this one gives your kids sums on the screen to answer! Its great for children who enjoy practising their maths independently. It also has lots of different levels and plenty of multiplications to practise.

2. Number Blocks – If you’re looking for a TV programme to help children with their primary maths skills, Number Blocks is wonderful. Not only do kids really enjoy watching it but they are learning maths at the same time! You can find it BBC iPlayer or buy them as a DVD here. Excitingly, their new episodes are about Times Tables, with catchy songs to help the children remember them.

3. Mathseeds– You may remember in our Phonics blog post we recommended Reading Eggs – which is an absolutely brilliant resource created by a group of primary school teachers. The same people have also created an equally as fantastic, maths online resource called Mathseeds which is a brilliant, fun and interactive way to support maths learning. Their lessons on multiplications are fun and engaging.

4. Maths Factor – Those who read The SEN Resources Blog regularly will remember us raving about Maths Factor, by Carol Vorderman (Read more about it hereThe Maths Factor, which is an online maths learning platform designed for children aged 4-12 years old, by Carol Vorderman. And I’d highly recommend it, as it cleverly combines short video tutorials with maths games and practise activities. It’s ideal for an extra boost for your children after school, to support their learning in school. It could also be used effectively as an intervention method for maths in schools. There’s lots of lessons on multiplication that are really useful.

5. Times Table Heroes – This brilliant multiplication game by Orchard Toys really helps to make practising times tables more fun. It makes a lovely family game too. It allows children to practise their 2-11 times tables and is suitable for children aged 6-9.

6. Collins Times Table Flashcards – Flashcards can be a really effective way, for some children, of learning times tables. These ones by Collins are high quality and easy to use.

7. Tackling Tables – This resource by Learning Resources UK is a great way of helping to support children learning their times tables. It’s basically a fun card game to help them learn the different times tables through play.

8. Collins times table bumper book – If you’re looking for a workbook that children can work through independently or with support, this one by Collins is great. It’s designed for children aged 5-7 and is a great introduction to multiplication.

9. BigJigs Wooden Times Table Tray with Answers– Simple yet effective, we love this wooden toy for helping children to remember their times tables. It’s colourful and beautifully made and really appeals to children’s curiosity! They can use it independently or with adult support, reading the multiplication question on the front of a cube, saying the answer then checking it by turning over the cube.

10. Magnetic Times Table– This resource by Fiesta Crafts is a great way of helping children to learn their multiplications. It’s colourful and engaging and similar to the wooden times table tray above, the questions are on one side of the magnetic piece and then they turn them over to check their answers.

11. Times Tables Pull the Tab – This a really lovely, interactive book that allows children to check their answers by pulling a tab. Often simple little things like a tab to pull, can change a workbook into being much more engaging and appealing to kids.

12. Times Table Poster – Lastly, I often think its a good idea to have times tables displayed around the house or classroom and this poster is great. Easy to read and really good quality.

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