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Why Children Need Poems + The Best Poetry Books for Children

Looking for some poetry books for children? We’ve compiled our current favourites below! (If there’s a book we’re missing- let us know so we can try it out and possibly add it to our list of best poetry books for children too.) But firstly, why is it important that children read and listen to poems?

Why is it important that children read poems?

There are so many reasons. Not only does poetry help children develop their speaking, listening and reading skills (often poetry is read out loud and shared in groups) but it can also be wonderful for helping children with their social and emotional learning. Writing poetry can be a brilliant way for children (and grown ups!) to express themselves, their feelings. And listening to and reading poetry can also be relaxing and inspiring. Children may make connections with the poems they read, relate to the feelings expressed or enjoy the way the poem makes them feel.

Poetry can also inspire children to write, it could turn reluctant writers into poets- giving them the opportunity to play with different writing styles, rhyme and patterns.

It can also help children develop their creative thinking skills, opening up new worlds of imagination. It may also help them see their feelings and thoughts being expressed in a different way.

Here are our current favourite poetry books for children :

  • The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems If you’re looking for your child’s first poetry book, that they can read themselves- this one is an excellent choice. It’s poems are beautiful, easy to read and have gorgeous illustrations. Suitable for a reading age of 5+.

  • Colour and Rhyme: The First Every Poetry Book You Design Yourself – This is a brilliant and really novel book that, by having pages for children to colour in themselves whilst reading/listening to the poems, works as a brilliant way of encouraging children to engage with poetry. The poems are also brilliant and suitable for primary aged children to read themselves.

  •   Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl – Absolutely wonderful book. The poems are so funny and are sure to cause giggles in your household or classroom. We love how Roald Dahl takes well known nursery rhymes and fairy tales and adds a humorous spin to them!

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