Learning Resources Digital Easter egg hunt!

We are very excited today to be part of Learning Resources Digital Easter egg hunt! Theres 12 bloggers included and all you need to do is go to Learning Resources’ Facebook or Instagram page to look out for their clues today. The clues lead you to a blog post (like this one!) And you are looking for letters in eggs for clues! Once you’ve got all 12 letters you need to unscramble them to work out the clue and enter it into the Learning Resources website entry form. The prize is an AMAZING bundle of alternative Easter presents worth over £100! Head over to their blog to find out more here.

Who are Learning Resources?

They are a wonderful brand that make fabulous learning resources and toys for young children. We’ve featured a fair few of their resources on our blog over the years, have a look at them here.

Why do we love Learning Resources UK?

They are all about learning through play…just like us! Why not pre-order our book 100 Ways Your Child Can Learn Through Play here. It’s had fantastic reviews from Carol Vorderman and Rob Delaney!

Find it on Amazon here. Find out more about it here

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