Review: Mighty Cards

2020 has been a difficult year for so many people worldwide and it continues to be so. As a result, it’s not come as a surprise that we’ve had lots of enquires about recommendations of resources to support children’s emotions recently.

One resource we’ve come across this week is perfect for this is Mighty Cards and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s a pocket size collection of fun strategies written on cards to help children when their emotions get too much for them.

There’s 36 cards in total split into 3 categories: Breathe, Move and Create. The Breathe cards have lots of ways to help children calm their bodies and focus their minds. The Move cards are a selection of physical exercises to free up tension in their bodies. The Create cards have wonderful creative activities that help children feel calm and in control.

What did I like about it?

  • Play Based– What’s wonderful about these cards is the strategies on them are all play based. They are fun, creative and child centred. Kids will want to do them- which is key to any children’s resources’ success. One activity for example encourages children to imagine their fingers are birthday candles that they have to blow out slowly- fab!

  • Made by a Child Psychologist– Parents can be reassured that these cards are useful and beneficial as they have been created by a child physiologist. All the 36 strategies have been developed with strategies for emotional regulation in mind.

  • Portable– These cards are a great size to just pop into your bag and take with you go anywhere. Ideal to have with you if a child is struggling with their emotions when your are out and about. I can imagine it being quite comforting as a parent, knowing you have over 30 tried and tested strategies to help calm your child, all in your hand bag!

  • Design- I adore the design. The cards are colourful, fun and have such beautiful illustrations. In fact they look more like a fun game than anything else- tempting children to want to try the strategies out. I can personally vouch for this as within minutes of these cards dropping through my letterbox my two kids were pulling them all out of the box and asking to ‘play’!

  • Multi use– What I particularly liked about this resource is it’s flexible use. There’s no set way of using them. Not only does this give the cards longevity and embraces how everyone is different but…by giving older children options of how to use these cards- you are giving them the control they are likely to be craving.

  • Empowers older children– I love the idea that for older children, they could have these cards in their school bag or in their bedrooom. And when their emotions get too much they could open them up, choose a card and try it to help calm themselves down. What an empowering gift for older children.

Find Mighty Cards on their website www.youngandmighty.com

*Please note, we received a sample set of cards for the purpose of this review and it is sponsored. All words and opinions are our own.

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  1. I ordered these and was pleased with them. We used the birthday candles breathing card today when having to turn the TV off and get ready to go out made my 4year old upset and cross. Really helpful tool. He chose the card he wanted from a selection. We did the exercise. He was calmer and ready to put on his coat and shoes and go out. 😀


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