How to Make a Sylvanian Families Book Mark Using Aquabeads

We’ve been really enjoying using Aquabeads over lockdown and were kindly gifted a couple of sets: Star Bead Studio, Star Friends Set and Deluxe Studio. We used these to create our very own Sylvanian Family Bookmarks!

But you could follow these steps to make any type of bookmark if you’d prefer.

Here’s how we did it:

1. We went on the AquaBeads site to find their templates, there’s loads to choose from and we chose the Sylvanian Chocolate Rabbit one (so we could make the characters Freya and Creme) and we printed it off.

2. We then popped it under the Aquabeads frame and added the beads to make the chocolate rabbit face.

3. Next we added more beads to create the body and to go around the whole picture to make it into a rectangle shape for the bookmark.

4. Lastly we sprayed it with water using the water spray bottle provided. Left to dry and ta da…our very own bookmark.

What skills can children learn from this activity?

  • Fine Motor Skills- picking up the beads, with or without the implements is great for fine motor skill development. They are very fiddly. Find out more about fine motor skills and other fine motor activities here.
  • Hand-eye Coordination– positioning the beads requires children to practise their hand-eye coordination
  • Concentration- Following the pattern and matching the coloured beads to template is also great for helping children learn concentration skills.

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