We’ve been looking at a revision pack for the KS3 Science topic Acids, Alkalis and Indicators by Oaka Books* this week. A fantastic set of resources for children in KS3 and/ those preparing for common entrance exams.

Find them on Amazon here

You may remember from our previous post on Oaka Books (read it here) that we are really big fans of their revision packs. One of the reasons we love Oaka Books is that they produce their colourful and fun revision packs with visual learners and children with special educational needs in mind.

What’s inside the CE/KS3 Science: Chemistry: Acids, Alkali and Indicators Revision Pack?

Inside the revision pack there is:

  • Topic Booklet- This provides key information and key vocabulary that children need to remember for the Acids, Alkalis and Indicators Topic. The text is broken up into short paragraphs with eye catching, cartoon-like illustrations.

  • Learning Game- They roll the dice and if they land on a question mark then they get to test their knowledge by answering one of the question cards all about Acids, Alkalis and Indicators.

  • ‘Write Your Own Notes’ Workbook

The workbook is designed for children to complete themselves after reading the revision booklet and playing the learning game. It helps children test their understanding of the topic. Children can use their revision guide to support.

What did we like about it?

  • Visual – I was a science teacher in secondary schools for many years and Acids, Alkalis and Indicators is one of those tricky topics for kids. Often because for many it’s completely abstract to them, they may not have come across the terms before. When revising the topic it can feel quite ‘dry’ as there’s a lot of theory. What I loved about these booklets is that they use lots of pictures and examples. Not only is this fantastic as it helps add context to the topic, but the pictures are great for visual learners and many dyslexic students. For example, on the pH scale there are pictures of real life (relatable!) examples that correspond to each pH.

  • Designed for Children with Dyslexia– It’s not just the use of pictures that we were impressed with, many other aspects of the booklet are designed with dyslexia in mind. For example, the written information in the revision booklet is split into chunks and separated out on the page. It’s also then broken down into snappy bullet points. This is great for many children with dyslexia who may find a page of written information difficult to access.
  • Workbook– The Acids, Alkalis and Indicators workbook is brilliant for providing an engaging opportunity for children to apply their understanding of the topic. Again, for visual learners or those with dyslexia, the workbook has been made more accessible with short paragraphs and activities such as completing sentences. This avoids the need for children to read and write large amounts. There’s also a handy word-bank at the top of the page with key vocabulary they need to complete the booklet. The Acids, Alkalis and Indicators workbook compliments the revision guide perfectly in terms of its format and layout, allowing children to directly apply the knowledge they’ve just revised.

Where can you buy it?

Oaka Revision Packs cater for KS1- KS3 and cover topics including French, History, Geography, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Oaka Books Resources are also designed for Common Entrance exams.

This Chemistry Acids, Alkalis and Indicators revision pack as well as their other resources can be found on the Oaka Books website here or on Amazon here

*Please note this post was sponsored and we received sample resources for review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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